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The Final Chapter of Chance McCall

Length: 359 pages5 hours


In the high-flying, high-stakes world of New York book publishing, Atlantic-Hampton figures it has a sure bestseller. The novel, based on fact, holds a surprise ending--two pages of treasure maps to an actual hoard of gold. But just as the book is ready to go to press, the unthinkable happens. The final chapter simply vanishes. Editor Lynda Austin turns up one clue--a Fed Ex package addressed to U-Bet, Montana. But the trail of the missing chapter is about to get mighty bumpy, with trouble coming at her and cowboy friend Brady Stoner from all directions. And the trail is littered with treasure hunters too. Among them, to Lynda's astonishment, some very familiar faces. For most people, the search alone would be enough to worry about. But along the way Lynda and Brady encounter yet another situation that needs resolving: can a sophisticated New York City editor and a rustic rodeo cowboy from Idaho find true happiness together? And if so, where?

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