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Guarded Love

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Alistair's life isn't all bad. He's King, he's got two kids he adores, a wife he's vaguely aware exists, and pants that fit. The only thing missing in that blissful domestic picture is someone to love. But all in all, things were weirdly working out for him.

That all changes when assassins dare to come after him and his children on the little prince's naming day. With a threat brash enough to attack the King in broad daylight, he takes on a personal bodyguard. Picked seemingly at random from the City Watch, Reiss thought she was little more than an average elf trying to make it in thedas. Now it's all on her to keep the King alive against this enigmatic threat and try to ignore the fact she keeps blushing whenever he smiles.

A follow up to my Cullen/Amell saga My Love.

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