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Ghost Lies: Love & Lies, #3

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Love & Lies Book 3

Sydney Holden has spent the last six months recovering not only from the loss of her fiancé, but also from the discovery that he was working with a major crime syndicate. Not entirely sure she's ready to move on, Sydney takes a chance on the sexy and charming newcomer at her rock gym. Just as she's beginning to trust Gavin, she finds herself trapped in yet another web of deceit.
Rumors circulate that a dangerous human trafficker supposedly killed in an auto accident may not be dead after all. Agent Gavin Maxwell is sent in to get close to Sydney and find out what she knows. He soon learns that while she doesn't know any more than he does, it doesn't stop her from becoming a target.
With a man back from the dead and a mole in their midst, Sydney still isn't sure she can trust Gavin any more than her ex-fiancé, but he may be the only one who can help her.

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