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Southern Secrets: Encompassed Mail Order Brides, #2

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Laura Roberts enjoys her job as head housekeeper at Montgomery Manor, but when her vulgar boss - the wealthy Mr Montgomery - develops as nasty case of wandering hands, Laura is left with little choice but to pack up her few measly belongings and board the very next train headed south to Sulphur Springs, Texas.
Becoming a mail order bride sounds like the perfect plan. Right?
Andrew Callaway is heir to the entire 'Callaway Estate'.
He's grown up with servants and maids, been handed everything on a silver platter, but Andrew has no interest in all the pomp and ceremony that surrounds him. Instead, Andrew wants to become a wheat farmer like his late grandfather. He wants to work the land. And he wants to do it all standing on his own two feet.
More importantly, he wants to know the joy of feeling true love. A love driven by longing, rather than by riches or worldly possessions. He hopes to marry a girl who makes his heart sing, makes his legs weak at the knees. A girl who loves him for all that he is on the inside, not just what his esteemed family name might offer her.
Andrew's father however has other ideas. A challenge is soon entered into and Andrew finds himself making a deal with the devil himself. All he has to do is prove that such a girl does actually exist ... and then the land will become his very own, to do with as he pleases.
But can he honestly go through with such a thing? Can he lie to the one and only woman who's ever truly touched his heart?
Southern Secrets is a beautiful story of promise and hope, loyalty and deception. It's a tale of two misplaced souls losing themselves in each other, only to find themselves again in the process.

"Not all stars belong in the sky."

Southern Secrets is Book 2 in the Encompassed Mail Order Bride series.

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