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Incest, Murder and a Miracle: The True Story Behind The Cheryl Pierson Murder-For-Hire Headlines

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Incest, Murder and a Miracle: The True Story Behind The Cheryl Pierson Murder-For-Hire Headlines

Length: 287 pages4 hours


As seen on the I, Witness series on Discovery ID channel and an article in People Magazine and multiple other TV shows, magazine and newspaper articles. The book is currently under opotion to Sony Pictures.

This is the true story of a sensationalized murder-for-hire case told by Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio after nearly thirty years of silence. What really happened to Cheryl and Rob before, during and after Cheryl Pierson, a sixteen-year-old physically and mentally abused teen, raped by her own father for many years, hired a classmate to kill her father for $1,000 in 1986? 

The sensationalized incest and murder case was in the national media for many years. As a traumatized sixteen year old, Cheryl only gave one short interview 30 years ago. Some media accounts implied she lied about the abuse and incest, others that she did it for her father's insurance, but Cheryl remained silent for years—too young and destroyed to fight back against the speculation and frequent falsehoods or to discuss the true dark nature of the nightmare she lived every day of her young life. 

After her release from jail, she and her high school boyfriend, Rob Cuccio were married, they had two daughters and led as normal a life as possible. Most friends and neighbors had no idea of her past. 

Throughout her life, Cheryl has suffered from PTSD and other symptoms as a result of her father's abuse, rapes and his subsequent murder, but the story doesn't end there. People often wonder what happened next, or where are they now, because this case continues to hold a fascination. "Last Dance" and "After the Last Dance" were on Discovery ID channel in early 2017. 

This is not fiction and is not sugar-coated. It is the story of their life to the present, and everything is backed by documentation. Cheryl hopes through finally telling the truth about what drove her to murder in her own words, it will help other abuse victims and encourage them to speak out. 

However, it is more of a story than that. It is about the power and undying love the Cuccio's have for each other and how, in 2012 Cheryl fought for Rob's life after he died for 43 minutes.

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