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Talk Like a Pirate: A Man Through Time, #1

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“A delusional pervert,” the girl said. “You aren’t any pirate. You don’t talk like a pirate or act like a pirate. You have no ship. And it isn’t sixteen seventy-four. You need to be committed.”


On an early morning run, Idelle Prescott saves the life of a man, lying inert on the beach, but she’s unprepared for the story he tells. In his mind, it’s 1674 and her hometown, St. Augustine, still belongs to the Spanish government. He’s even dressed the part, in 17th century costume.

Captain John Swithin pilots a hearty sloop with a smarmy crew of pirates under his command. On a personal mission into the city in the dead of night, he sees the growing storm along the coast as the perfect cover. He’ll retrieve his grandfather’s amulet and return with his two crewmates within a couple hours.

But forced to flee into the turbulent waves, what seems to be certain death, instead, sends him forward in time to an altered modern world and an independent woman determined to figure out how to help him survive. As the truth of what happened sinks in, one thing remains the same – the draw of a man to a woman and the timeless power of love.

Clean Romance. A novella of 22,000 words.

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