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Caught in the Act (Taken by the Boss)

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The empty office is dark and quiet but there is a thirst inside Lori that calls out to be quenched and keeps growing louder.

She tells herself it will only be a few pictures, the empty halls will be the only thing to know her secret.

Lori posts her photos on a website she uses and gets an immediate response, a video from one of her followers showing her how much he loves her posts.

The desire within her grows and she just can't control her actions anymore.

The office is empty, no one will know.

The foot steps bring her back into reality. There's someone here. She panics and runs but leaves something important behind.

Lori's heart races as she looks for it the next day but his voice interrupts her frantic search.

"I think you dropped this," he says handing her the phone with just a hint of a smile.

It's her sexy young boss Nathan and he has a familiar look in his eyes; the same look Lori's seen in countless strangers as a response to her naughty online indiscretions.

She wonders if he was the one here last night; if he saw the pictures and videos on her phone.

He hands her the phone and begins to walk away but not before he whispers something into her ear so no one else can hear.

"This time," he says, "don't run away when I come."

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