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Rumble Bear

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Rumble Bear is a unique, subtle parable about life that follows the quest of one Alaskan grizzly bear as he travels across the merciless tundra searching for a territory of his own. The young bear encounters all kinds of amazing creatures along his journey as he battles other grizzlies and faces fierce winter wolves in the land of the midnight sun. The story of Rumble Bear will resonate with anyone searching to find the courage to push away their fears and grab at the chance to find out who and what they really are.

The story unfolds in the secret and magical world of the noble grizzlies who roam the north hunting moose, caribou and sheep as they encounter wolverines, porcupines and golden eagles along the way. Young and old will enjoying travelling deep into the wilderness with these magnificent creatures as they set out into the wilderness. Clever and dangerous humans appear along the Yukon river and threaten the powerful grizzlies as they travel and hunt throughout their land. Sweet-smelling fish camps and half-wild huskies combine to create the perfect storm of challenge for the bold and hungry bears that come face to face with humans and their thunderous guns.

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