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Kill or be Killed



For fans of Lee Child: this must have ebook is filled with a staccato style of writing and deliberate violent descriptions...

"Norm Applegate is a new voice just emerging onto the field of the mystery/thriller novel that has the rest of us looking over our shoulders." - David Hagberg New York Times bestselling author of The Cabal, Allah's Scorpion and Mutiny.

Best selling thriller writer Norm Applegate, author of Into the Basement, Shockwave and his latest novel: The Prisoner

A brutal killing in a city jail.
Isolation. Escape. Murder.
A prisoner walks out and disappears.

A stranger enters an apartment, a grotesque murder, a passport is seized.

A woman meets a stranger, a sultry night together, in the morning she’s dead...

A FedEx driver is mutilated, a .50 caliber sniper rifle is missing...

The President makes an appearance...

The Prisoner: a merciless assassin, cold and ruthless with no compassion for human life.

Jack Dwyer ex-military psychologist puts together the pieces. You go to the FBI, they don’t buy it. You go to the Chinese Embassy, they aren’t listening. You’re followed, picked up on the street. You’re beaten, blindfolded and taken to a safe house. You’re not sure why. But then you meet the prisoner and the pieces come together. There’s only one outcome...violent!

Edited by Deborah Levinson

Cover art Linda Boulanger

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