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The Red Bicycle

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The brave fighters of the Communist Party of Malaya lived hard lives in the jungles, pledging allegiance to the Party above all else. But despite their dedication, many were lost due to a traitor in their midst – one so high-ranking that nobody would have suspected him. Dave Anthony’s historical novel follows the developing love of two of the guerrilla fighters; the multiple identities of their Beloved Leader and the uneasy cooperation between the British and the communists against their common enemy.
The Red Bicycle tells a fascinating story inspired by the Communist Party of Malaya's most infamous operative. Weaving together fact and fiction, Dave Anthony has produced a compelling historical narrative that spans four South East Asian countries. More importantly, he has provided a window into the lives of Party members by highlighting the personal relationships of his main characters. In so doing, he succeeds in giving them a human face; something conspicuously absent in most other accounts of the Party.
"A tale of political subterfuge set against a fascinating portrayal of Malayan society and the MCP in the 1940s. An interesting and informative read." - Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj, Member of Parliament Sungai Siput.
"This is an interesting novel, based partially on historical fact, set in the period of the Japanese occupation and its immediate aftermath. It deals with the courage, sacrifice and sufferings endured by a people determined to fight against oppression and, in particular, of a small band of the MPAJA led by the CPM and the treachery and betrayal by its leadership." - Dr. Poh Soo Kai, Founder member of the People’s Action Party.
"This is Dave Anthony’s second historical novel. It is based on characters and personalities and events of history that are related to those in the first novel. I consider this to be a better piece of work. It deserves a wider audience than just the Malaysian readership." - Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Senator in the Dewan Negara and former Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Author of Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: Harmony and Conflict.

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