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Dr. Black's Patient: Curvy Goddess Series, #2

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Successful pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Nya Black, seems to have it all. She’s strong, sexy and surrounded by incredible friends. The only thing missing in her life is a good man, but she’s self-sufficient and won’t settle for just anyone. 
When her best friend Vixen married a white man, it posed a bit of a problem for Nya because she doesn’t trust white people. Raised in the Deep South, she witnessed the worst of racism and suffered from its permanent effects. And now Nya has to do something she swore she never would. Let go of some of her anger and attempt to stomach Vixen and Daniel’s presence in her life. She’s working on it, but she’s made a vow to herself and God she will never let a white man touch her.
Salvatore Barbatelli is a hot-blooded Italian with money, looks, and charm to spare. Women never could resist his animal magnetism, and he’d gotten pretty used to it. That is, until the day he met the feisty and confident Dr. Nya Black at his friend Daniel’s wedding. She’s not into him, and she’s not his type, but he’s inexplicably drawn to her and will do anything to change her mind. 
Sal hatches a plan to get Nya’s attention, and it involves a very unique patient of hers. Will Sal’s idea finally make Nya see him in a different light? Or will the doctor’s patient seal his fate? Dr. Black’s Patient is the second installment in the Curvy Goddess series by romance author Leila Lacey.

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