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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (4 ratings)
Length: series


Adrienne Parker and Bryan Landry have finally returned to Holton Fleet...just in time to leave. It seems the warring factions on humanity's older worlds have finally banded together for one last push against the cannibalistic Overseers. One final chance to fight. One decisive battle for survival against an enemy that cannot be understood. One final hope for the worlds on the Rim of human civilization. Or so the Fleet has been told.

But the space between stars is never so neatly black and white. New allies cannot be trusted, and old friends prove to be as dangerous as the enemy they've come so far to fight. Bryan, once the scientist that could have saved the universe, is now trapped in an alien form barely capable of remembering the past he once had. Adrienne faces combat triage, when her own psyche still suffers from old traumatic injuries. Neither is sure of who they can trust...including each other. The loyalties of their fellow soldiers, even of their leader, cannot be counted upon.

But there's one thing they cannot doubt: This is the Rim. Out here, resistance is everything.

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