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Jake Kingsley Apostle Island Mysteries



Forty-four year old Jake Kingsley is a Minneapolis trial lawyer who became dissatisfied with the practice of law or at least the way some lawyers practiced it, and "retired" early to live aboard a sailboat in the Apostles Islands of Lake Superior. Occasionally handling a case for friends or relatives the way he thought they should be handled has kept the creditors at bay.
While at a mid-summer costume party in Bayfield, a woman is murdered a few feet from where Jake is standing with friends. She is also a Minneapolis trial lawyer. From Jake's old law firm, he was her mentor before he "retired." Overcome by the shock of the brutal murder of someone he knew well, Jake determines to find out who did this and why.
Alexandra Van de Meer was, he learned, on her way to find him when she was murdered. Since she had no other connection to Bayfield or the Apostles, Jake reasoned that her murder was somehow connected to her life or work in the Twin Cities. While attending her funeral, Jake is approached by his former partner and Alex’s boss to help the firm by taking over Alex’s heavy construction litigation caseload, something Jake wants no part of. But, he reasons, her murder is likely connected with one of her cases. So he agrees to help on a purely temporary basis.
Alex’s cases are mostly lawsuits involving the construction industry or the ownership and management of commercial properties in the Twin Cities metro and greater Minnesota. She represented owners, design professionals, contractors and suppliers in a variety of contract, negligence and professional liability disputes. She had cases involving steam heat damage to asbestos insulation in an elementary school, inadequate construction of fire retardant walls and a disastrous fire in a housing complex for the elderly, failure to follow design specs in stud wall construction, leaky insulating windows and more.
Which case is it? Is it one of her cases or some other part of her life that has brought about her tragic end?
As Jake temporarily works his way back into the practice of law, he finds that the lack of civility and the acrimony that caused his early “retirement” are still there and have even worsened, but he experiences a familiar feel and gratification with the process. He is joined by Charles Stanton, his old law professor and friend, in the pursuit of answers.
Who knew construction litigation could be so dangerous?

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