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Keir Harper



Some secrets are better left buried...

Keir Harper never could say no to a woman in trouble. Even the woman who tore out his heart and walked all over it.

So when Nicole Dunbar's father disappears after being blackmailed she knows exactly who to turn to.

Nicole is convinced her father is innocent, but Harper knows everyone has secrets. And when he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun with a body at his feet, Harper knows someone is lying to him.

For Harper isn't the only one looking for Gordon Dunbar. He may, however, be the only one who doesn't want him dead.

With a client he can't trust, a police officer seemingly torn between arresting Harper and seducing him, and a friend still haunted by her brush with a killer, the only person Harper can rely on is his volatile partner, Mack; a man driven to violence by the ghosts of his own troubled past.

Harper won’t walk away from a case, but he’s about to discover that forgetting the dead may be the only way to avoid joining them.

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