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Lower Back Pain Self-Help



Lower back pain and dysfunction are often caused by postural abnormalities. Back Pain and Posture-A Balancing Act will help the reader understand the significance of posture and its relationship to lower back pain. It specifically explains the effects of a short leg and pelvic tilt. It gives the reader action steps that they must take to help cure their lower back pain. This is the second book in a series of lower back pain self-help books. Each book builds on the action steps of the previous books. The first book in the series, Feet First, must be read and the action steps in that book need to be completed first before the sufferer advances to the steps outlined in this book. Although lower back pain can be caused by many conditions, nearly all lower back pain sufferers can be helped substantially by identifying and correcting any structural and functional weaknesses and abnormalities that can be contributing to or associated with these other afflictions. Back Pain and Posture-A Balancing Act will guide you along your journey to a better and more pain free lower back.

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