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Price of Freedom: Price Mysteries Book 2

Length: 44 pages36 minutes


Price of Freedom

A Mystery in Two Acts

The honeymoon went off without a hitch. It had only been a weekend away, really, but Judith and Daniel Danvers, newlyweds, enjoyed every second of it, from the “chase game” that her new employer, the Sheriff, had arranged, to the calming drive along the coastline on the way home from the bed & breakfast inn they had booked just north of Portland. Dan did most of the driving, but the trip was made more exciting as they discussed the plans for the future, from working on a puzzle-book together, to getting a house together, and even considering starting a family. It was a wholly pleasurable and passionate experience, and despite its brevity, it truly was an end of a life-long dream, and the beginning of a completely new adventure for both of them.

So it wasn’t surprising that each of them was off to an early start that Monday they returned; Dan to his writing, Judith to her new project, as Task Force lead for the Sheriff’s Office.

With a shiny new badge, and her decades-old passion for puzzles, it doesn’t take the would-be sleuth to start a walk along the dark side.

A boating enthusiast is dead, an apparent victim of poisoning. But is it a case of accidental ingestion, or did someone set out to put an end to the town’s preeminent sloop racer?

The town’s regatta is only days away. Can Judith bring her skills to bear, and the criminal to justice? There isn’t much time.

She can’t waste another minute. And neither should you.

This is the second installment of the Judith Price Mysteries. Don’t miss a single volume.

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