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A Classic Case of Murder: Ben and Mark Detective Investigator Mystery Series

Length: 53 pages44 minutes


Ben and Mark, from the Clements Police Department , are investigating a pretty classic case of murder.  Carrie Wellington, a famous writer, was murdered in her own car. What a tragic loss! She was such a nice woman, kind and generous! Who would think she’d end up strangled with …a guitar string?

Carrie was surrounded by a small group of close friends. And the Detectives will be meeting them one by one. Cynthia Lockhart – her best friend forever. Melissa Gilmore – not so much the best, but definitely a good one. Jackie something with a lot of tattoos and bright pink hair. And Tucker – a lily-livered weakling. All of them seem to be really devastated.

“Who could do this to her?”

“ Who could do this to poor Carrie?”

“ She was such a nice woman!”

Was she? Was she the one with dark secrets? Or those secrets are hidden somewhere else? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Who is the bad guy and who is the poor victim? Together with Mark and Ben you will enjoy solving this puzzle – A Classic Case of Murder indeed!

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