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Philadelphia Reading & Pottsville Telegraph Company

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While researching a book about the birth of the electro magnetic telegraph in the Unites States of America, I came across this very interesting piece of telegraphic history. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, but I have never heard any mention of the Philadelphia Reading and Pottsville Telegraph Company or PR&PT. As I researched about the PR&PT, I kept finding more and more interesting information not only about the PR&PT, but about what was happening in the United States during the 1830s, etc. In fact the information I found was very enlightening concerning my home town of Reading, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. As I found more and more information, it was obvious to me that I should put it down in book form.This book consists of many articles written in the 1800s and 1900s but, the reader soon realizes that technology waits for no one. As transportation progresses from stage coach to canals and finally to the railroads, so does the communication systems of the US progress.

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