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When Juliet's best friend loses her battle with cancer she takes in her children to raise. She moves to the country to give them more room to run and, hopefully, recover from the loss of their mother. The kids decide they need a pet so they try to steal their neighbors bull, right out of his barn. Sparks fly when her and her hunky neighbor meet. She didn’t know what it was about her neighbor the kids couldn’t stay away from but every chance they got, they ran to his place across the field. And of course, she always ran into him, although he never said a word, he would smile that devastating smile and she would get tongue tied and weak in the knee's. He was seriously the sexiest man she had ever set eyes on, six foot four of muscle, tattoo's and tight jeans.

Kian Dougal was a man that went after what he wanted and what he wanted was Juliet and her heathens. His daddy always told him it would hit like a ton of bricks when he found the woman that was meant to be his. There was no soft fall or a gradual feelings developing, no it smacked you upside the head like mom does when a curse word is said at the dinner table. That first meeting felt like a slap across the head and man was she beautiful when she got mad, and when she was lighting into him, she was gorgeous. After that first meetings there were two things he knew for certain, one; life would never be boring with her and two; he would have a life with her.

This is a short, feel good, inst-love book with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a happy ever after. If you like over the top, gooey love story with three adorable munchkins that will make you want to grab your own heathens for some hugs and kisses then this is the book for you.

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