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Apocalypse Happens: The Phoenix Chronicles, #3

Length: 340 pages4 hours


" . . . if you have not read this series, what are you waiting for? Go out to your local bookseller today . . . It is a must add to your urban fantasy collection." Bitten by Books

In a world gone mad, whom do you trust with your life?

Liz Phoenix, the leader of the forces of light, battles her dual nature in her continuing effort to save mankind from destruction. Liz is not only psychic but also an empath, which gives her the ability to absorb the supernatural powers of others.  That combined with the help of her former lover and second in command, Jimmy Sanducci--a half vampire--as well as her mentor, Sawyer--the Navajo Shaman and shape shifter--may be all that stands between the human race and the end of the world. However one or both of them may be working for the other side.

She has trusted both of these men with her life time and time again, but when the end is near, can she trust them with the lives of every person on earth?

Apocalypse Happens is the third book in the popular urban fantasy series, The Phoenix Chronicles by New York Times Bestselling Author Lori Handleand. Fans of Jim Butcher, Laurell K Hamilton and Charlaine Harris will love this original series. Download The Phoenix Chronicles today!

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