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Why Men and Women Cheat, The Dent it Creates and How to Prevent It's Occurrence(Cheating is Easy Try Something hard which is Faithfulness)

Length: 71 pages34 minutes


Infidelity is one of the major challenge several marriage and relationship are suffering from all over the world today.For many it now a norm or a way of life.But we must be rest assured that as human beings we are limited in our knowledge of how things will plan or turn out at the later end. The truth is we know in part.
The average being can make decision on certain issues but they can never determine the consequences of those decision. Straying might be fun but it can be curb. For many it is impossible but even the word impossible means i'm possible.
Therefore this book tells it as it is. Infidelity is a choice so choose wisely and make the right decision to savage your marriage and relationship.


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