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Six-Pack of Blood

Length: 88 pages1 hour


Six -Pack of Blood is a carton of horror containing six chilling stories guaranteed to disturb.

The Collector:  What gross, gory things does a mafia hitman collect? What evil does he plan when someone discovers his secret? How do snow-domes and his best friend fit into this twisted, diabolical plot? Creepy insight into the Italian mafia.

Heavy Metal: Leave the lights on when you watch this little horror. It's terrifying to see what happens when kids listen to heavy metal music, against their mother's strict orders. Is rock-and-roll the answer? It might be for one mother. Think “Twilight Zone” when you read this one.

V.O.:   These bankers find the prize awarded on a luxury cruise irresistible... until it gives them what they crave, and they learn who paid the price for their good fortune.

Passageway to Hell: - An abused and abandoned child finds her way into a strange town where she is trapped by a sinister force. Why is the evil Mr. Hellion keeping her there against her will? Will he ever get what he really wants. 

Spirits of a Jester: - Like fictitious evil clowns, horror lovers have a love/hate relationship with Jester dolls. One doll in particular holds the key to a diabolical fate for one little girl.

Deadly Addictions: -  Hell has no fury like a wife scorned, especially when her husband's lover openly taunts her. The creative way this woman gets even chills even the bravest of hearts.

"...dark journeys into the imagination." - Armand Mastroianni, Producer/Director, Silver Screen Pictures

"...give us blood-curdling nightmares." - Grady Harp, Amazon Reviewers Hall of Fame

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