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Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking To People.

Length: 131 pages1 hour


Writer. Actor. Introvert, and on the so-called "mild" end of the Autism spectrum, Ty Unglebower has things on his mind, and you're going to listen. At least you will if you read his volume of frank, irreverent and somewhat curmudgeonly life essays. He'd rather not speak to you, after all.

Old men who belch. The nature of charm. Body language and tarp-dodging are just some of the everyday topics and life events viewed through the author's multiple lenses of introversion, ASD, and just plain old Unglebower cussedness.

In turns sarcastic, thoughtful, and both intentionally and unintentionally obtuse, what Unglebower lacks in conventional social graces he more than makes up for with his passionate expression via the written word. He may hate talking to people, but you'll enjoy reading his thoughts anyway.

*Contains mature language and themes.

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