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Is This Wrong #5: 22 Sizzling Hot Stories

Length: 191 pages4 hours


"I don't care what they say. I
want you."

Here are 22 brand new stories about
those princes of the house who just can't take their hands off of their little

Don't wait, read it all now!

~~~~~ Excerpt

The dryer whirs against Marcus's bum
as he leans on it. Sofia, his 18-year old stepsister, had just put a load of
damp clothes into it and now he's taking a break from their day of doing
laundry together.

Sofia looks over at her stepbrother
as he works. She really likes the time they spend together. He catches her
watching him and she gives him a smile—something innocent, not too flirty.

He gives her the same sort of smile

"Hey Marcus?" Sofia asks.
"Do you might giving my shoulders a bit of a rub? They're kind of

"Sure," Marcus replies,
and he steps up behind his little sister, massaging the muscles beside her

Sofia moans, closing her eyes at the
wonderful feeling. Her stepbrother's hands are like magic. After a few minutes
she turns around and he lets go of her. She looks up into his eyes.

"That was great, thank
you," she says in a sultry voice. Marcus doesn't look away from her stare.

"It was my pleasure," he
says, and Sofia smiles at him.

Marcus's heart won't seem to stop

He wants to step back from his
stepsister but he can't seem to be able to. He's stuck where he is, and she's
not moving away either. Does she want him as much as he wants her? From the
look of her eyes as she stares up at him, right down to that round ass and
tight pussy in between her legs, he's pretty certain he knows the answer.

Sofia feels some envy go through her
as she looks at her stepbrother.

He's just so robust, you know? So
smart and sure of himself. He's strong, good looking, and down below…well, he's
certainly got nothing to be ashamed of down below.

She just wishes she had some of that
charisma. As it is right now she's just some little sister, barely an adult,
who is in desperate need of some real life experience.

Who would ever want her?

"You know, Marcus," Sofia
says to her stepbrother.

"Yeah?" he asks.

chews on her lower lip, unsure of how to go on.

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