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8 Ways Onto The Naughty List

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Patsy had been working for and lusting after her boss Dexter for two years. Unable to keep hiding her feelings she tries to quit, but her boss refuses to let her out of her contract. Furious she devises a plan to get herself fired, but everything she does fails to make him mad enough to fire her. She even goes as far as coming onto him, but instead of firing her he says he wants to take thing between them onto a more personal level. Now she’s wondering if he’s caught onto her and is playing with her?

Dexter calls Patsy into his office ready to confess his desire and ask her out to dinner. He’s thrown for a loop when she suddenly tells him she’s quitting. He refuses to let her out of her contract thinking it will give him some time to fix whatever’s wrong. When she starts changing things around the office he lets her get away with it. Dexter decides to come clean and tell her how he feels and why he’s been acting like such a jerk, but first he’s got a plan to get her away from the office and onto neutral territory.

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