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Fun with Languages: Tips and Tricks to Master Foreign Languages Easily

Length: 55 pages32 minutes


Do your habits and belief system slow down your foreign language performance? Want to practice or brush up a foreign language quickly and easily?

Fun with languages is a comprehensive hands-on guide that helps you improve your command of foreign languages, build self-confidence, and understand why you're failing in certain areas beyond your linguistic abilities.

This book is a compilation of articles that were written as separate reports to provide people with practical analysis, tips and activities in the field of foreign language acquisition.

This guide provides you with opportunities to:

* Create new and successful habits

* Practice your foreign language in informal situations.

* Use authentic information to skyrocket your learning.

* Connect your emotions to the foreign language.

Monica Di Santi is an experienced travel education consultant, teacher, translator, traveler, trip organizer, and writer who has worked with languages for over 20 years. She holds a master's degree in linguistics.

She has written more than 50 articles and stories, published in the USA, Canada and India. She offers advice on international programs, and encourages individuals to learn languages and travel abroad at

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