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The Sharded Boy

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He can tap into the magic essence in An Faire stone like blood from a vein.

Maimed at birth by the Wielder Wane epidemic, Jahl refuses to accept the only role society has allowed him to fill: poverty stricken, twisted at the hip, untrained Donnel clan wielder.

All it takes is a touch to a standing stone, and Jahl has his fist around the heart of what makes a powerful wielder. Untrained, he cannot control the flow that races through him, but he is learning to manipulate it.

The one person who could have trained him provided only contempt. Few wielders survived the Wielder Wane epidemic, and none will take the chance to teach him for fear of its return.

Even his mother begs him to stop before they are all destroyed.

The best friend who deserted him and the girl who hates him may be his only means to rise above the demands that he give up the magic that calls to him.

When a stranger hires him for a job only a master wielder could perform, it seems the perfect first step to take him to the destiny he is certain is within his grasp.

It could just as easily lead to the end of all wielders in Chussen Faire.

Buy The Sharded Boy and be that voice shouting, “Don’t give up!”

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