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The Battle of Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Winning the Business Battle

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The Battle of Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Winning the Business Battle

Length: 200 pages2 hours


What do you do if your business is consuming your life, threatening your relationship, causing you stress, and not making the money you deserve?

Meet Joe Walsh.

Joe was a hardworking bloke tearing his hair out to make a go of his family entertainment business ― and on track to divorce, financial ruin, serious health problems ― and a suicide plan.

Here’s the inspirational story of how Joe turned his life around, got his business running on autopilot, and saved his marriage ― and he still has some of his hair!

Business owners ask themselves every day if it’s possible to get free of the time- and money-sucking beast that their business has become. Successful business owner and Transition Advisor, Eric Purvis, says YES.

Here are some simple, powerful strategies* you can put in place to rescue your business ―and your sanity ― from going down the gurgler! Follow Joe’s journey as he takes his business from burden to booming using proven strategies under the guidance of an experienced advisor who has genuinely walked the talk.

“A must-read for small business owners everywhere.” – John

“Eric empowered me to save my company. These days I leave my business operating like a well-oiled machine for months on end while I take long holidays overseas!” – Steve

“Eric really knows his sh*t!” – Kaili

*Contains detailed examples and worksheets so you can build your own strategy!

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