Ungrateful God: Unwilling Souls, #2

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Ungrateful God: Unwilling Souls, #2

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Length: 504 pages7 hours


Souls stir in the black of night, and demons grow ever bolder.

The Artisan Guild is on the run, and it’s all Ses Lucani’s fault. While her newfound powers of possession helped her rescue her father and prevent the gods’ return, her trust in Murien Alaini meant she unknowingly revealed Guild headquarters. Traveling to their new base in the immense crab city of Ocypode, Ses arrives to find that her father’s Guild has vanished and that Ocypode’s citizens can’t remember what happens at night.

Sent undercover to the Pit to infiltrate the apprentice smiths helping to maintain the prison of the gods, Murien is still wracked with guilt over his betrayal of Ses. When the Centrality government seizes direct control of the Pit and the first polistraat officer turns up dead, Murien doesn’t know who he can trust—or whether he might be next.

The servants of the gods have dark plans for both Ocypode and the Pit, and Ses is forced into an unlikely team with a demon, a mysterious hellship pilot, and—if she can stomach it—Murien himself to uncover the truth.

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