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Legend of the White Werewolf



Harley, a New Jersey pack alpha, visits Boomer’s pack to get away from all the bad memories of his marriage and how it brought Chief into his life. When he meets Chandra, he’s immediately drawn to her but how can he trust his feelings after the mess he made with his ex-wife?
Chandra is the last of Opal’s kids to come and see her. But she’s not just visiting, she has a vampire hunting her and a price on her head. Her marriage dissolved too but in the usual way. They just drifted apart and he found someone else. That was when Chief found her and tried to lure her to him. When she refused to join them, they decided to take her out. Now she’s met a male, Harley, who seems perfect but how can that be true? She made a mistake before and doesn't want to make one again.

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