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Going Home - Irish stories from the edge of death

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'What happens when we die?' is the question answered by award-winning journalist Colm Keane in his sensational book Going Home, which contains the most comprehensive descriptions ever provided by Irish men and women about life after death. The No 1 bestseller features interviews with over 60 Irish people, many of whom have died. Through the use of modern-day resuscitation techniques they have been restored once again to life. On their return they have brought back wondrous stories of journeys to the other world. Most have travelled through dark tunnels, entered an intense brightness, been welcomed by deceased family and friends, and encountered a superior being. The majority have felt a profound calmness and serenity. Virtually all have been marked forever by these journeys. Along with relating stories of near-death experiences, out-of-body travel and death-bed visions, the author has discovered old accounts in ancient Irish manuscripts which mirror the stories being related today - these are contained in the book. He also examines the latest scientific evidence.

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