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Zylan Captive: Zylar's Moons, #1

185 pages3 hours


VanNyssa thought Alien Abductions were fiction. 

She discovered she was wrong when she woke one morning in a stranger's bed, gold chains attached to certain…um-delicate parts of her body, on a planet ruled by a man now claiming to be her life-mate. Tar plans for her to be his quiet, un-assuming companion. Not! This earth-girl can never be called "easy." This book contains adult themes and situations, it is intended for those 18 and up!

On the planet Zylar there are two suns...and three moons. A Zylan male doesn't choose a mate, his body does. Women are traditionally submissive; but all Hell breaks loose when Tar, the ruler of Zylar...finds his mate on Earth. 

Nyssa is not going to be anyone's prisoner. She will fight, with everything she can to either escape this male-dominated planet, or somehow change the fate this sexist, alpha male alien has created for her. Even if she dies trying!

Zylan Captive is the first book in Ravyn Wilde's SciFi/Fantasy series, Zylar's Moons. This extremely HOT alien abduction romance is filled with snarky humor, lots of sex, and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy aliens, laugh aloud moments, and books bursting with action, suspense, and love—you'll adore this!

Pick up Zylan Captive today and come play with something out of THIS world!

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