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A Southern Shelter (Book 2, Across the Strait)

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He’s desperate to forget. She’s happy to distract him. Can they overcome tragedy to find true love?

Jesse Holt flees south to forget, pursued only by his conscience and the shadow holding on to his soul. Only at a remote southern bay can he find solace, or that’s what he tells himself, anyway. Instead he meets Lisa Dillon, who lives for the day – and the night – offering Jesse a way to shut out his memories, temporarily at least. But Lisa’s determination to live in the moment is just one of the barriers between them, as Jesse fights to break free of his past and make a new life for himself. Without Lisa, who knows only the sun in life and nothing of the shade – or the real Jesse. The safest thing he can do is keep her a distance, just like he does with everyone, or else risk shining a light on his true self. Because when the sun shines on darkness, shadows still remain...

A Southern Shelter is a contemporary romance novel set in New Zealand that handles challenging issues like domestic violence and pregnancy loss. If you like complex characters, exotic kiwi scenery, and stories that stay with you, then you’ll love the standalone second book in Anya Forest’s Across the Strait series.

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