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Six Worldviews in Psychology

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This eBook is designed for college students studying the history and various worldviews in Psychology. It is assumed that the reader has no formal, academic training in this field yet, so it is designed for Freshmen in college. The six Worldviews are called: 1) Humoural, 2) Nafs, 3) Empiricism, 4) Functionalism, 5) Psychoanalytic, and 6) Humanistic. Each chapter consists of Key Points and Readings for background on each of the six Worldviews. The Key Points are based on answering these nine questions about each Worldview: 1) When did it start? 2) Where did it start? 3) Who were the key original thinkers? 4) What were the main ideas of this Worldview? 5) What was the good life, or the mentally healthy life, like? 6) How did people get mental health? 7) How did this Worldview differ from the other ideas? 8) Was this Worldview theistic, originally? 9) What modern psychological concept evolved from this Worldview? Each chapter includes Readings quoted from various psychological encyclopedias and other sources, to provide the reader with background information.

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