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Adventure Romance and the Castle of Lasers

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Ray Sebastian Wolfe is one of the new breed of ‘raw fiction’ writers who, as part of his creative rationale, does not edit or proof-read his work. Everything is exactly as he originates it. This is intended to facilitate ‘connective synergy’ ‘twixt reader and writer, like a soul speaking directly with a soul:

“I always don’t edit my work. I have never seen an editor who has the vision like mine and thus can’t ever commit to that process and don’t think there’s one out there. For my readers and I, its the pure experience they’re looking for - directly linking my heart to their’s. My friends and family are the only ones who give feedback and I don’t listen to it if it is wrong and it is. You can’t make something thats perfect more perfect.”

Set in a land not unlike our own, but strangely familiar, our hero embarks on a simply epic quest of love, intrigue, with action, and many adventures, a monster and romance. This is the tale of the ages and an adventure that you will never forget. Be ready to experience unadulterated creativity in a way that you've probably never known.

The Adventure Romance and the Castle of Lasers may be known as the book that changed literature for ever and ever.

Things that have been said:
"Thoroughly refreshing, freewheeling and definitely unusual."

“It’s not for me.”

“Some of the sentences are very long.”

"The 'raw fiction' approach is very interesting, and Ray Wolfe obviously has a brilliant imagination."

"I laughed a lot, especially at some of the errors that seem deliberately left in; are they? Outrageous and charming."

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