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She Sees in Her Sleep (Three November Snow Shorts)

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The past is a long time when you are immortal. Seeds planted long ago in the lives of vampires and fairies bloom and produce unexpected fruit in the present. In the award-winning November Snow Series, our main character reaps the harvest of decisions made long ago. The three short stories in this collection provide a glimpse into the back stories of several key characters as well as insight into plot points that arise in all three novels in the series.
"She Forges a Peace" provides a glimpse into the formation of the ancient alliance between fairies and vampires, an event with a surprising connection to November. "He Worships his Queen" delves into the painful childhood of vampire Luka, the complex primary villain in She Dies at the End. "She Fears the Dark" focuses on popular fairy characters Pine and Zinnia as they take a trip to Disneyland that turns into an unexpectedly dangerous adventure and a commentary on compassion between enemies.

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