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Directorate 51: Revelation
Directorate 51: Revelation
Directorate 51: Revelation
Ebook80 pages58 minutes

Directorate 51: Revelation

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About this ebook

Marcus Brown leads a normal life, a successful software engineer. His best friend and roommate, Drew Salazar, spends his work life chasing bad guys as one of Albuquerque's finest.

One night, everything changes. Marcus finds himself alone, his city suddenly abandoned, cut off from the rest of the world. But an alluring woman appears. Who is she? Is she the key to this mystery?

But the bigger question: Who exactly is Marcus?

PublisherTodd Dukart
Release dateMar 14, 2017
Directorate 51: Revelation
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Todd Dukart

Todd Dukart grew up in Albuquerque on a steady diet of science fiction and breakfast burritos. Now a software engineer, he spent several years as a digital journalist in New Mexico and Rhode Island, and now calls the Boston area home. He lives with two house plants that stay alive out of habit.

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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    Directorate 51 - Todd Dukart


    Todd Dukart

    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright © 2016 Todd Dukart. All rights reserved.

    Cover image © 2009 Todd Dukart.

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    There were more than 17,000 fans at Rexall Place, half of them in blue and orange to support their hometown Edmonton Oilers.

    Even there, Marcus would have stuck out in his black and gold Bruins jersey. But in the middle of a sports bar in Albuquerque, a town not exactly known for its hockey fans, he was certainly noticeable.

    Marcus Brown — 26, 5’5", brown hair, gray eyes, work-from-home software engineer. Few people who encountered him would know it, but he was a trust fund baby, his father having left quite a bundle from his earnings as a successful inventor.

    Drew Salazar, his best friend and roommate, stood nearby and sipped his Coca-Cola. He had a foot in height and six years in age on Marcus, and countless pounds of muscle. He was officially off duty as an Albuquerque police officer, and almost blended into the darkness of the bar.

    The two were situated along the wall at the end of the U-shaped bar. The bartender had wisely set up a TV for them to watch the Bruins-Oilers game far from the growing gathering of college kids.

    Campbell to Lucic, the NBCSN announcer said. Two-on-one up the ice. Back to Campbell, back to Lucic, weaves past a defender, wrist shot... score!

    Woo! Marcus yelled as the boys in the white, black and gold on TV cheered with him. He high-fived Drew, who smiled and nodded with his own much more serene celebration.

    Drew’s phone buzzed in his right pocket. Nathan Lee, the caller ID read.

    My captain, Drew said. Gotta take this.

    Marcus, still excited from the goal, nodded and offered Drew a fist bump. Drew left him hanging.

    Ooh, burn, a female voice said behind Marcus. He swiveled around and got a look at the source. Her deep brown hair flowed down her back, caressing her shoulders and coming to an end near her shoulder blades. She wore a bright red blouse, a tight black jacket and black slacks. She returned the fist bump, but Marcus held it in place.

    Um, yeah, he said. Um...

    Finally realizing he had left his fist in the air he lowered his arm and tried very, very hard to make it look casual. He failed miserably.

    So how does a hot guy like you get into hockey in a place like this? she asked, running her right hand down Marcus’ sleeve. His eyes followed her hand.

    Um, well, I just, um...

    Cat got your tongue? She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a business card, wrote on it, and slipped it right into Marcus’ front pocket. Call me and I’ll help you get it unstuck.

    The woman reached her hand behind Marcus and squeezed his butt before winking and walking away.

    My eyes are over here, Drew said to Marcus’ left.

    Marcus broke his eyes away from the woman’s figure and back at his friend, shoving him a bit.

    Did you at least get her number? Drew asked.

    Marcus smiled and nodded.

    The Oilers have pulled their goalie, the announcer said. Six skaters to five. Edmonton is down one goal with a minute and a half to go.

    Marcus and Drew turned back at the TV. The clock ticked down, one second at a time, while the Oilers tried their hardest to get the puck past the Bruins’ goaltender, Svedberg, just one more time.

    Thirty seconds.

    Twenty seconds.

    Ten seconds.

    One last flurry of activity, but Svedberg stopped everything that came at him.

    And the Bruins have won.

    Marcus offered Drew another fist bump, which he returned.

    Hey, I’ve got a squad meeting in the morning, so drink up, Drew said. He motioned at the bartender, who printed out their tab, while Marcus took the last few gulps from his beer.

    Got a $20? Drew asked Marcus. Total’s 25 bucks.

    Coke’s cheap I guess, Marcus said. Gonna have a drink one of these days?

    Drew smiled and shook his head while Marcus reached into his back pocket for his wallet.

    It wasn’t there.

    Marcus checked his other pocket, and came up with nothing.

    I think I forgot my wallet, he said.


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