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Aed's Journey: The Complete Trilogy

549 pages9 hours


This is the complete trilogy of Innocent Fugitive, Tragic Events and Strange Times.
All pretty young Aed wanted was a normal life. But when she is wrongly accused of witchcraft any hope of that is squashed. Ripped from her placid existence, she is humiliated in front of all the villagers only to discover that she bares the marks of a witch. Being bound to the stake arouses her latent magical power. She escapes burning at the stake and drowning.
Aed’s journey is filled with danger. Superstitions and fear of magic are a serious threat to her. Clan wars, bandits, thieves and highwaymen make roads unsafe for lonely travellers. Worst of all are the power-hungry wizards who can enhance their abilities by killing other magicians.
Aitheda, her sorceress mentor has an incredibly powerful magical sword called Gobansaor. This sword will affect their lives far more than they realise. Aitheda's sanctuary could be Aed's only chance of peace and tranquillity but they have to leave.
At great cost, Aed masters the daunting fifth element of Dark Magic. Will it fulfil her dreams of serenity or only put her in jeopardy?

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