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The Two Magicians: From Nowhere to Forever - Sequel to "The Time Dancer"

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Zelda Gatuskin’s Occult Fantasy Continues: This long-awaited sequel to The Time Dancer is sure to delight lovers of magic, romance and time-travel adventure. In their quest to return the magic satchels that brought them together in the first book, Esmarelda and George Drumm, with Sylvestor the cat, have their hands (and paws) full when they are drawn into the dangerous doings of meddling Witches, shape-shifting Familiars, half-mad Magicians, and inquisitive New-Agers. And they risk being separated again, should the Goathorns Coven decide George must go back in Time to make up his 10-years leap.

The Story: The coming of the Summer Solstice Harmony Convention to Piper Canyon has increased the leakage between parallel timelines, there below The Top of The World where the Future meets the Past, and our mundane world turns into a world of magic. With Robyn and her belly dance troupe joining the Harmony Convention on one side, and time-traveling Gypsies Esmarelda and George Drumm approaching the mystical Goathorn Mountains on the other, Brooks, Minder of the Knot and the Loophole, must work valiantly to keep everyone where they belong and prevent Time from unraveling. Before he is done, he will expose the dark history of the five sisters of the Goathorns Coven, the recent transgressions of their transmogriphying Familiars, the secret lives of the two Master Seers, and his own deepest desires. Weaving throughout, Brooks’ attempt to solve the mystery of “the purple-bound wonder,” The Time Dancer, and discover the identity of the author behind “that preposterous nom de plume” further blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

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