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God's Just Judgment of a Nation Supplement

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This book is a collection of 12 appendices and 4 chapter supplements to GOD'S JUST JUDGMENT OF A NATION. This SUPPLEMENT or topics in it probably are best for those who have read or are reading that core book, although I make each discussion full enough to stand by itself. Here I call attention to Apx. 4, which shows God's justice to all and mercy to many in His way to judge nations generations after some sins. Apx. 5 shows God's government of the earth from Mt. Zion, and shows requirements for believers in Jesus to participate in this government under King Jesus. Apx. 7 offers unusual insights into God's amazing work to develop His fully Christ-like Church. Apx. 12 provides beautiful insights into God's work to bring together the Church and Israel. A reader of GOD'S JUST JUDGMENT OF A NATION can check the free Preview of the SUPPLEMENT, which contains all of it, and see if other appendices and chapter supplements may help him/her. Each has useful content for some believers.

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