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Odysseys of Queen Ntoyi

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This is a credible work of fictional prose from the genre of fantasy. It surreally invites readers to a realm of fantasy and legend while steadfastly resolved to keeping them earthbound. The reader is transported by the riveting and compelling choice of words and expressions of the narrative; this work of authorship wrought in quasi-township-suburbia parlance but reminiscent of pristine ancestral African tradition and dignity, is indigenous to the fancy of young and adult alike.
The style reverberates with the majestic timbre and intonations of the Author in real life. It reads more like the Author speaking rather than its scripted value. Much as the overall anguish and harshness of our human journey remains virulent and insolently unremitting, it is once more tempered by the good-heartedness and indomitable spirit of the characters in this work and its progenitor. It is this convergence of Western nobility and African royalty which yields this admixture of fantasy. While no great story is bereft of fantasy; neither is fantasy devoid of reality. Patrimony sets the foundation for this subdued but distinctly effervescent matriarchal ascendancy. The sovereign expressions of the Queen Mother, Princess Ntoyi; divinely ordained at birth, and her congenial sibling Princess Ntsu are unmistakable. Princess Ntoyi and Princess Ntsu had nearly had the best of both western civilisation and the pristine, innovation-free life of their ancestry and their primordial enchanting virgin grounds. Princess Ntoyi fulfils her divine destiny and mounts a successful bid to reclaim her ancestral lands. In accordance with providence, her destiny unfolds through the inadvertent passing away of her parents. Having made peace with her subjects, she fuses with the celestial Eagle and assumes her divine royal transfiguration with powerful wings of the Eagle as per the decree of Lord Qha.

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