‘Maya’: The Whirlpool of Delusions in Creation

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‘Maya’: The Whirlpool of Delusions in Creation

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The metaphysical view of the Great Delusion known as ‘Maya’ that is characteristic of this gross material world, as elucidated in the Upanishads & Ram Charit Manas.

This book discusses in simple language the concept of MAYA, a very esoteric and abstruse term in Indian metaphysical philosophy. Maya is said to be the root cause of all delusions in this gross material world that create a lot of spiritual problems for a Jiva, the living being. It is like a virtual trap that ensnares the whole world in its vice-like grip.

This subject is explained based on the way it has been expounded upon and elucidated in the Upanishads as well as in Ram Charit Manas, the famous epic of Goswami Tulsidas that is more popularly known as the Ramayana. The book is divided into chapters, each dealing with one particular aspect of this philosophy.

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