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Essay is a short story, usually on one subject. Essay may be factual or imaginary. When you choose to write an essay, you are tested on your ability to write effectively for others to understand. 

It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you how to write essays.

It clearly explains the distinctive features of essay like an introduction, a body and a conclusion. 

It analyzes the introduction to an essay. The introduction to an essay is a simple statement showing what will be discussed in the body of an essay. The introduction should have an exciting and attractive opening.

It appraises the body of an essay. The body of an essay comes after an introduction. You should narrate, explain or argue the topic in details in the body of an essay.

It evaluates the conclusion of an essay. The conclusion of an essay is as important as the introduction, and should not be written anyhow. A conclusion should be an exciting and attractive ending.

It identifies the different types of essay. They are the narrative essay, descriptive essay, argumentative essay and expository essay.

It analyzes the narrative essay. It throws light on an important feature of narrative essay. It contains a model narrative essay.

It appraises the descriptive essay. It sheds light on an important feature of descriptive essay. It contains a model descriptive essay.
It evaluates the argumentative essay. It casts light on an important feature of argumentative essay. It contains a model argumentative essay.

It examines the expository essay. It highlights an important feature of expository essay. It contains a model expository essay.

And it identifies the techniques of writing exciting essays. It shows you the common mistakes in writing essays. It highlights the distinctive guidelines that the examiners use for marking your essays.

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