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Not all of me shall die...

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Two men, different careers, marriages on the rocks but what eventually binds them is a 1930th famous gangster. First, there is Harry, the accountant who's mission is to rescue a Corporation from bankruptcy because of venturing into the Gene Manipulating Seed Business. Then there is Robert, the FBI scientist for DNA profiling, who his trying to hunt down a serial killer he found hidden in cold cases.
Harry's pride and joy is a dilapidated mansion with a secret history when the name of Dutch Schulz creeps up. He discovers that this man's history has huge gaps, he has the key but will he be able to find the truth? His troubles with his wife Lisa reaches the breaking point, a strange event sets him free, the beginning of a new life?
Robert manages to escape from marriage, his divorce lets him become more introverted, work is his only life until he finds the most unlikely love. Together they discover what makes his killer tick when the shock hits home, his own character is very much like the murderers! Will he be able to turn his life around, be happy again, will this hunt be successful?
Eventually, it comes to a confrontation between those two men but this is not how a film ends, the good victorious over the bad guy, there is Dutch Schulz reaching out from his grave! How can it be, not only that he left a lasting unknown legacy but also to find that Harry might be a caring murderer?
The final twist in this adventure, Flavia, the behavioural scientist, becomes Roberts wife and companion to unravel what actually went wrong with Harry. The final question, was he the one, beyond the reasonable doubt, who committed the killings? Lastly, is it right and just to take possession of Dutch's legancy to use it as he might have done?

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