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How Temple Grandin Cured Autism

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Temple Grandin cured autism by accepting it as a part of who she is. This made her life easier and helped her live one of the most fulfilling lives a person with autism could live. She is an inspiration and hero to many who have autism and her self-acceptance is admirable. Tom wishes he could accept and cure his autism like Temple so that he could live a happy and fulfilling life like Temple. Tom compares and contrasts his life with Temple Grandin's in this enlightening book about how people with autism can cure their own autism and live happy and successful lives. Tom explains that not everyone has the financial resources that Temple and her mother had but he will share other ways that you can overcome or cure your autism throughout this book that do not require you to be a millionaire. This is a great book for anyone wanting to know more about autism or a possible cure for autism to gain more insight into what options are out there and available. Sometimes you will find the best option available is simply self-acceptance.

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