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There Goes The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived

Length: 58 pages40 minutes


"There Goes The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived" is a satirical tale about four South Boston-Irish hooligans who get wind of the fact that a mysterious Mr. Big is in town nosing around to hire some pros for a heist job in Arizona. Rumor has it, Mr. Big is planning to rescue a sheik's favorite wife from the clutches of the Mafia mobsters that kidnaped her veiled presence while secretly taking driving lessons in New York. Much to their surprise, what Mr. Big actually has in mind is hiring the foursome to kidnap the body of baseball immortal Ted Williams from the cryonics lab in Tucson, AZ where it is said to be stored in a steel container filled with liquid nitrogen. As an inducement, Mr. Big offers to pay each of them the princely sum of two hundred grand. It remains to be seen what effect this unlikely combination of room temperature IQs and out-sized egos has on the success or failure of this the most complicated caper any of these body snatchers-in-training have ever undertaken.

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