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Snatchers 11: The Dead Don't Knock

Length: 351 pages5 hours


The eleventh week is upon our group of survivors and the danger is not letting up for Pickle, Karen, Vince and the rest.

Colwyn Place has had a few days of peace since the spotting of the four bikers, and are visited in person by two of the gang. After the visit turning ugly, the street experiences something that is new to the residents and ends up putting the place under a cloud of depression.

Just as they begin to pick up the pieces, our survivors are visited once more. After a run-in with another gang member, the visit was expected. Their visitor is no other than Drake himself, as well as many gang members. A lot of the hiding residents from Colwyn Place fear the worst, but are surprised that Drake and three others are the only ones to enter the street, whilst the others linger behind the gate.

Pickle wants a peaceful solution and no more lives lost, and surprisingly, so does Drake. On one condition...

Not for persons under the age of 18.

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