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Hot Male

Length: 61 pages50 minutes


Leo Southworth is into a very hot male on the new man network. It isn’t only about the cyber sex—it’s because Sirras can take Leo places he’s never been before.

Suffering from shattering physical injuries he sustained at a play party gone terribly wrong, injuries that cause him constant pain, Leo has shied away from physical relationships. Talking with Sirras online, however, is what keeps him going.

Sirras is breaking every law known to Avvarian "travvellers." He most definitely should not be consorting with a human online. But there’s just something about Leo that Sirras can’t resist. As if that isn’t bad enough, who should appear in Sirras’s life at the worst possible moment? Raddlack, the mage-lord Sirras left Avvaris to avoid. The Avvarian whom Sirras had shared one night of sizzling passion. A man out of his class—and a relationship that was strictly taboo.

Sirras and Leo...two lonely men who aren’t looking for love, who connect online, thinking it would be enough to satisfy their need for companionship after taking some hard turns in their lives. But love is what happens when three hot males physically come together, and it will blow all their worlds apart and ignite something brighter, hotter, and more lasting than any of them could have ever imagined.

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