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Witch Hunter

Length: series


Jack and John find they share similar powers and the same witch, Yvette DuBois. Under her tutelage, they learn to master their skills and knowledge. Yvette reveals her plans to become far more powerful than the sanctions of the Witch Council would allow; essentially staging hoatile split from the Council.

Learning of Yvette's plans and her startling break from the Council, one of them decides to forego the use of his powers and abandon her, while the other embraces them and succumbs to the temptations of the lovely green witch.

Their tale focuses on a haunted Super Bee automobile that inexorably draws individuals into its web of mystery and occult. As more people are infected by the taste for the occult, the manifestations become more tangible and aggressively malign.

The events build, touching more people as they progress, ultimately culminating in a showdown that leaves many of the participants devastated, dead, or demoralized.

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