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The First Stone

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The strategy for living a life is tackled in the old Catholic catechism. For young readers the major questions are addressed immediately. First, and taken for granted and therefore not explicitly asked, is What. What is the subject of this catechism? What is easy – that’s us. Who and Why are explicitly asked. Who made you? God made me. And, Why did God make you? God made me to know him, love him and serve him. But there’s another question that was not asked and is essential to developing the life-living strategy and that is How. You have to have How to develop a strategy. This essay is an attempt to answer the question How, specifically, How did God make you? There may be a single sentence in the old catechism that encapsulates the answer to this question but I never saw it there. So here, instead of a sentence, is an essay to complete the strategy of What, Who, Why and How.

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